Aggressive Mini Clips and Flips

In this dash cam footage, we see a Mini Cooper trying to make a sudden lane change which caused a major crash. At around 0:41, we can see the Mini forcing their way into the right lane and clipping the dash cam equipped car before losing control. The Mini then harshly swerves into the left lane to try to regain control, and then jerks right to correct. After a failed attempt at correcting the steering, the Mini driver ends up hitting the shoulder.

Dash Cam Video

After it tumbles and flips several times, it lands upright on the road. According to a news story from The Sun in the UK, the driver suffered only minor injuries. Thanks to the dash cam footage, the driver who was clipped by the lane-changing Mini should have no issues with their insurance claim. Furthermore, the driver of the Mini would not be able to lie about what happened to the police or insurance company since this witness came forward.