BlackSys CH-100B and CH-200 Driving Mode G-Sensor Impact Sensitivity

A few users with sports cars have complained that the driving mode impact sensitivity is too high, even in the lowest setting. In the #1 Setting (insensitive) the G-sensor is set to 0.70/0.65/0.65G for the X/Y/Z axes. This indicates the threshold that an impact needs to surpass to trigger event recording. On certain vehicles, minor bumps like potholes or harder braking and turning might trigger the G-sensor. 

BlackSys driving mode impact sensitivity

What's the Solution?

Here at BlackSys, we try to offer the most customizable parking mode dash cams on the market. Unlike other manufacturers that restrict you to a limited number of G-sensor settings, we've actually included a "CUSTOMIZE" option which lets you put in your own values up to 1.50G. In our experience, we typically set the G-sensor to 1.00G for the X/Y/Z axes on sports cars.

Custom g-sensor settings blacksys

The 1.00G is usually enough to eliminate false alarms but should catch every real crash or incident on the road. If you find that 1.00G is still too low, you can actually analyze your videos to see what the G-sensor readings were during a certain clip. The G-sensor readings are indicated by the three coloured lines and the numerical values displayed on the viewer.

BlackSys Viewer G-sensor