Police Dash Cam Footage Used to Charge Deputy with Reckless Driving

Police departments were one of the first groups to employ the use of dash cams in North America. We're familiar with police dash cam footage from TV shows like COPS and various high profile cases of police misconduct that made the news such as the Sandra Bland case. In this particular incident involving the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office (PBSO), the dash cam footage actually was used to charge a sheriff's deputy with reckless driving. 

In the video, you can see Sheriff's deputy Brandon Hegele speeding excessively and weaving through traffic before hitting a Smart car while travelling at a shocking 104 mph. This impact left the Smart driver with serious injuries like a fractured skull, broken arm, broken ribs, and pelvis. The deputy was told specifically not to pursue the car he was chasing but despite his orders, he drove very aggressively looking for the suspect. Upon investigation, it was found that Hegele had multiple driving offences and had even lost driving privileges within the sheriff's office. The repeat offences and the sheer damage caused justified the charge of reckless driving.

We're glad the dash cam footage was able to accurately show what exactly happened. This doesn't leave room to hear a differing "police account" of the events. If neither party had a dash cam, it may have left the victim in a much tougher spot as they would have to argue against the claims that the officer makes. We'd be surprised if the victim even remembers much from this day considering the brain injury that was sustained and the massive impact.