BlackSys F.A.Q.

These are the most frequently asked questions regarding the BlackSys CH-100B and CH-200. If you have any questions that we have not answered in this guide, feel free to email us on our contact us page!

How do I reset the password on my dash cam?

The default password is 11111111 (number 1 eight times). You can reset the password by taking the card out of your camera and putting it in your computer. Start up the desktop viewer (available on our downloads page) and go to the settings. The WiFi SSID and password can be changed under the "additional" tab. Make sure to click save after typing in your new WiFi SSID and password. Plug it back into your camera and power on and the settings should be applied. 

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How do I format the card inside the camera? 

We have engineered our devices to allow formatting without having to take the memory card out. To do so hold down the EVENT (red triangle) button for 3 seconds, wait for a prompt that says "formatting is on standby, press the left key to format". After this prompt, click the event button again and the device should begin formatting. It may take up to a minute to format the card, afterwards it will say "processing complete".

What do the up and down arrow buttons do? 

These arrows control the speaker volume on the device. If you find that you can't hear the prompts, you may want to turn the volume up. That being said if you prefer a silent user experience, click the down arrow to turn it down. There are 4 volume levels in total (off/1/2/3). 

You can download the user manual here.

Why does my video appear to have a blue tint?

There is a factory protective film on the front and rear lens on the BlackSys CH-100B and CH-200. This film can be hard to spot at first, particularly on the front camera but it does have a blue tint and will negatively impact video quality. We recommend taking this film off when you install the camera. 

My camera gets very hot, is it safe to leave it in the car?

We have designed our dash cams to operate reliably even in the hottest climates. The front camera generally does get quite hot as it may be recording 24/7. These cameras have internal temperature detection and will shut itself off to protect the components if temperatures exceed what is operational. You don't need to worry about unplugging it or taking it off your windshield!

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Should I choose time lapse mode or motion detection mode? (CH-200) 

Motion detection mode offers the best video quality and will record audio as well. This is the only option offered on the CH-100B but the CH-200 has a time lapse feature as well. The goal of time lapse is to save storage space as videos can get overwritten and will be irretrievable once they are deleted. With the higher resolution and bitrate on the CH-200 we felt the need to add this feature. That being said, in cases like vandalism, the audio recorded in motion detection mode will be better. We recommend running motion detection with a larger capacity Micro SD card. However, if you park on a very busy street motion detection will essentially record non-stop, in those cases time lapse might be preferred.

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Where is the USB WiFi Dongle?

The WiFi Dongle comes pre-installed on the BlackSys CH-100B and CH-200, it is not something that comes separately in the box. It is on the left side of the device next to the serial number. You can identify it by locating the piece labelled "802.11n". 

Can I use this dash cam on my Motorcycle?

No, these cameras are not dustproof or waterproof so they cannot be mounted outside. The cameras are only designed to be used inside the cabin of a vehicle. Caution should also be used if the rear camera were to be mounted on a canopy as it's important that water does not get onto the camera lens and sensor.