BlackSys Parking Mode Recording

The vast majority of dash cams on the market only feature what's known as driving mode recording. This means that the camera will start recording when you start your engine and stop recording when you turn the car off. While this can be convenient for some users, this only covers your vehicle for a fraction of the time it's actually on the road and we think that's just not good enough. BlackSys dash cams are designed with 24/7 recording in mind to protect you and your car even while it's parked. 

Why is parking recording so important? There's no doubt that driving footage can help get you out of a tough situation with your insurance company and deal with dishonest drivers who lie about what transpired. However, with driving footage there may be other ways to prove your innocence such as eyewitness accounts, other security camera footage, and analysis of the damage incurred. Unfortunately, if your car is hit and run or vandalized, there's typically no witnesses around and the offending party is just not likely to turn themselves in. Insurance companies have made it so that there is little incentive to owning up to a hit and run so without video evidence, these bad drivers get away with it on a regular basis. Video evidence and the license plate of the offending vehicle are needed to waive a deductible on your car's comprehensive insurance policy. 

What sets BlackSys Dash Cams Apart?

Automatic Parking Mode and Built-In Voltage Cut-Off

When paired with our BlackSys direct hardwire kit and a correct installation, the CH-100B and CH-200 will automatically switch into parking mode when your vehicle is turned off. Other dash cams may require a lengthy delay or physically going into the settings menu to activate parking mode, but the BlackSys keeps this step automated. While parking mode is active, our dash cams will also monitor your car's battery voltage to ensure that you can still start your car when you get back to it. 

Do note that the parking mode recording time will depend on the size, condition, and number of other drains on the car's battery. Many smaller passenger vehicles will not be able to keep the camera running overnight. An upgraded battery or dash cam battery pack (such as the Cellink B) may be required to power the camera for a longer period of time. 

Memory Card Partitioning (User-Defined)

Memory card partitioning is key to protecting important video files such as car accidents and hit and runs. While many parking mode dash cams do have a G-sensor to detect larger impacts that are tagged as "events" or "incidents", many don't offer file partitioning. The problem with this is that these important events will be overwritten by other unimportant files such as normal driving footage or just traffic moving along. BlackSys dash cams separate out these files so that they don't get overwritten by non-events, ensuring that your files are properly protected.

This is different from devices that permanently lock event files eventually filling up the entire card and causing system stability issues. The BlackSys partition system is fully automated and does not require manual clearing of events. Furthermore, both the BlackSys CH-100B and CH-200 lets the user set exactly how memory card space is allocated. Whether you want 80% of the card for events or just 15%, the choice is yours. Other manufacturer lock you in preset intervals that don't let you tailor the camera to your preferences.

Motion Detection Recording

Motion detection files are clips with movement such as a car driving by or a pedestrian walking by where no physical contact is actually made with your vehicle. This requires a sophisticated algorithm to tell the camera what needs and doesn't need to be recorded. Many dash cams claim to have motion detection capabilities but no one does it quite like us. 

In our WiFi and desktop apps, you'll find the ability to set exactly which portion of the video frame should trigger motion recording. Within those sections, you can also set how sensitive the camera is to movement. A higher sensitivity will result in movements in lower light or further away being picked up. While lower sensitivity will result in less false alarms overall. However you prefer your motion detection, BlackSys has you covered!

Time Lapse Recording (CH-200)

Time lapse recording is an alternative parking recording mode on the CH-200 that can be selected instead of motion detection. This recording mode uses about 15x less storage space than traditional motion detection as it records at a frame rate of 1 frame per second. Aside from using much less storage space, time lapse mode also lets you review a much longer period of recording very quickly. You can watch 2 hours of parking footage in less than 10 minutes!  

For the most detailed recording, we still recommend motion detection mode. Time lapse recording does not record audio which can be useful in the event of vandalism and a low speed hit and run. As it records at just 1 frame per second, the video will appear choppier than motion detection as well.