Extreme Temperature Tolerance

BlackSys dash cams are all engineered to work in hot climates and have a great track record for high temperature durability from customers in states such as Florida, Arizona, California, and Texas. They were designed with parking mode in mind, by a team that understands the additional stress of 24/7 recording knowing full well how hot a vehicle's cabin can get in the summer.

Both our CH-100B and CH-200 feature several key technologies that make it a strong performer in all climates: 

Excessively Engineered Design

The CH-100B and CH-200 housing was designed from day one to support extended parking mode recording, even in hot summer climates. This requires adequate cooling and high quality connections on the circuit board. Check out this teardown post by All About Circuits to see just how well put together BlackSys dash cams are. While our competitor dash cams start shifting out of focus at 140°F / 60°C, our cameras have been tested to work reliably up to 158°F / 70°C

Capacitor-Based Power Supply

By utilizing semi-permanent super-capacitors, the CH-100B and CH-200 are immune to the safety and reliability issues of traditional batteries. Battery based dash cams have a tendency to swell up which can damage the casing of the camera and prevent proper recording functions by corrupting the last video file. In some cases, the batteries can even leak onto the dashboard and pose a fire risk. Super-capacitors don't have these issues and store just enough power to save the last video file after power is removed safely.

High-Temperature Cut Off

The high-temperature cut off feature is designed to protect the various components of the dash cam. These include the Micro SD card, CMOS sensors, and different pieces on the circuit board. It activates at an internal temperature of 158°F / 70°C which will trigger a standby mode. During this standby mode it will not start recording again until the temperatures drop below the cut off level. This feature can help prevent any permanent damage to the dash cam and memory card.