BlackSys Direct Hardwire Kit

BlackSys Direct Hardwire Kit
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The BlackSys CH-100B and CH-200 both use our intuitive direct hardwire kit. This kit is a good choice for anyone who wants to take advantage of the excellent BlackSys parking mode feature. They also help keep the interior of the car more organized while lowering the amount of visible wires compared to the regular 12V socket adapter. Here are some of the features and benefits of the BlackSys Direct Hardwire Kit:


Compact Design

Since these cameras use built-in voltage detection, the hardwire kit is much smaller than what is used by our competitors. This makes installation much easier as there are no modules or bulky cigarette sockets to hide in the vehicle. All DIY-ers out there will appreciate this compact design!

Inline Fuses

The BlackSys direct hardwire kit offers in-line glass cartridge fuses for added safety with your installation. They are 6mm x 30mm glass fuses that will prevent damage to your camera in the event of a short. These are a common fuse size and can be found online or at your local electronic parts store.

Color-Coded and Labelled Wires

All BlackSys hardwire kits will be color-coded to ensure the correct orientation of wires are used. You’ll also notice a label on the wires that remind you what each wire is for. “Battery” or “B+” refers to the constant power wire while “ACC” refers to the ignition switched power. There is also a black grounding wire with a convenient C-shaped terminal that is designed to fit snugly under most 10mm or smaller bolts.

Customizable Cable Length

The standard hardwire cable length is 10 feet or 3 meters and is designed to work with vehicles that have the fuse box in the front half of the passenger compartment. If your vehicle only has a fuse box in the rear or under the hood, you may need to extend the wire. You can do so easily with standard 24-26 AWG stranded wire.

*Do note that with a longer wire, there will be more voltage loss at the camera end.